DICE Payment Plan Terms and Conditions DICE Payment Plan Terms and Conditions

DICE Payment Plan Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are provided by DICE as a disclosed ticketing agent for the event organiser, Primavera Sound, and they apply to the purchase of tickets via DICE for Primavera Sound 2023 (the ‘Ticket’) using the ‘pay over time’ option.

The agreement to purchase tickets via payment plan will be between you and the event organiser. 

All Ticket purchases are also subject to DICE’s Purchase Terms.

Tickets for Primavera Sound 2023 (the ‘Event’) purchased between 01 November 2022 and 31 December 2022 can be purchased using the ‘pay over time’ option (the ‘Payment Plan’).

The Payment Plan will allow you to pay the total Ticket price over four equal instalments, payable on the deadlines specified when purchasing the Ticket.

By selecting the Payment Plan option, you unconditionally agree to pay the total Ticket price via the agreed number of instalments, and by the deadlines specified within the Payment Plan.

By making payment of the first instalment of the Payment Plan, you agree that you are entering into a contract to purchase the Ticket and pay the total Ticket price.

By selecting the Payment Plan, you authorise DICE to charge the first instalment of the Payment Plan directly to you.

Following payment of the first instalment, all subsequent payments will be automatically charged to the debit or credit card used to purchase the first instalment.

Please ensure you have adequate funds in place to allow DICE to process payment of each instalment by the relevant due date.

The Payment Plan will grant you a conditional right to receive a Ticket following successful payment of all instalments.

The payment of an instalment of the Payment Plan does not guarantee the reservation of a Ticket until the total Ticket amount has been paid.

Once all instalments have been paid by their respective deadlines, and the total Ticket price is received by DICE, the Ticket will become available to you in the DICE app. 

If for any reason, DICE is unsuccessful in obtaining payment of any instalment via your debit or credit card, a payment form will be sent to you through which payment will be manually requested.

You are required to complete and return the payment form to DICE within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the form.

Failure to complete and return the payment form within this deadline will result in the purchase being cancelled.

DICE will notify you that due to a payment instalment not being made, your ticket purchase is being cancelled.

DICE will not attempt to take any future instalment payments, and you will not be entitled to a Ticket for the Event.

Should you fail to make any payments under the Payment Plan by the deadlines stated within the Payment Plan, your Ticket purchase will be cancelled.

All payments for Tickets purchased via the Payment Plan are non-refundable.

On cancellation of your Ticket purchase for failure to pay, you will not be entitled to receive a Ticket, and you will forfeit all previous instalment payments that you have made towards the Payment Plan. 

If your Payment Plan is cancelled for any reason (including but not limited to non-payment or suspected fraud), you will not have the ability to make payment of any missed instalments or to reinstate your Ticket purchase.

Should you wish to purchase a Ticket following cancellation of your Payment Plan, you may re-purchase a Ticket via the DICE app subject to Ticket availability.

DICE’s ticket transfer feature, and waiting list feature (if applicable) will not be available until all instalments of the Payment Plan have been made.

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact help@dice.fm.

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