CHALK Accessibility FAQ CHALK Accessibility FAQ

CHALK Accessibility FAQ


How do I purchase an accessible ticket for myself and my carer? 

We have a limited number Accessible Seating tickets for each event available through DICE that grants you access to our viewing platform. If you would like a free  PA ticket to accompany you, contact DICE to arrange this. Please do not purchase an Accessibility Seating ticket for your companion. If these tickets are sold out, please contact DICE as we may be able to accommodate these requests on a case by-case basis. 


What if I only need free entry for my companion? 

If you only require a free carer ticket please contact DICE through the Help Centre and they can assist you. Please note in this instance, the person accompanying the  carer will still need to purchase a General Standing ticket to enter. 


I have an access requirement not listed here, what should i do? 

If you have any queries or would like more information about access, please contact DICE here


What to expect on arrival for shows? 

If you have purchased an access ticket please come to the main entrance in Pool Valley and let a member of our security team know that you are on the accessibility  list. A trained member of staff from the venue will escort you to the entrance that you  require and guide you through the building. 


Do you have an accessible toilet? 

The accessible toilet is through the double doors leading to the backstage/East Street entrance. The facilities are on the same level as the main Live room and bar.  


Do you have disabled parking? 

Unfortunately, the venue does not have any on-site parking. There are Blue Badge holder parking bays located in Little East Street / Bartholemews, which are 130  meters from the East Street entrance of the venue


Can I bring my Assistance Dog to the show? 

Guide or Assistance dogs are welcome in the venue. You may be asked to provide ID or your ADUK booklet. Please contact DICE for more information before purchasing your ticket. 


Can I bring food, drink and medication into the venue, if I have a medical  condition? 

You may bring any necessary food and drinks required for medical reasons. If you  are arriving with any medical items, to prevent any security-related concerns on the  door, please bring your prescription along with ID. If you’re bringing sharps or liquids,  we may ask you for supporting documents such as a prescription or doctor’s note. 


Do you use strobe lighting? I suffer with photosensitive epilepsy 

We do use strobe and flashing lighting in the venue, if you need any further information about a specific event, please contact DICE here


Are there any other areas away from the crowd in the venue? 

We have a quiet space behind the stage that is available if the event gets too  overwhelming, please make yourself known to the nearest member of staff who will assist you. 

Please note that, other than our viewing platform, we cannot guarantee space away from the crowds due to the limitations of the building. You are always welcome to  take a moment outside to get some air and re-enter the venue. Please ask a member of staff or the duty manager if you need assist to find a space. 


Would three of us be able to sit/stand with my partner in the accessible seating  area next to the stage? 

Unfortunately, as space is limited in the accessible seating area, we can only  accommodate one person plus one companion. Anyone else in the group will need  to stand elsewhere in the venue.


Do we require paperwork to prove accessibility needs? 

You may be asked for paperwork to prove eligibility for your access tickets. 

The following is a list of paperwork we will recognise, but this is not exhaustive, and  we’ll consider each application on a case-by-case basis and will not exclude anyone with a reasonable request for a ticket if we can accommodate them: 

• A statement of higher or middle rate disability living allowance (DLA)

• Receipt of either the Severe Disablement Allowance or Attendance Allowance

• Personal Independence Payment (PIP) 

• Attendance Allowance 

• Qualifying annual uprating letter 

• The Access Card (Details available from 

• Registration document which certifies that you are Registered Blind or  Partially Sighted 

• Veterans Agency letter confirming War Disablement Pension 

• A personal letter outlining your access requirements from your hospital  specialist (within reasonable date) 

• If resident outside of UK please use equivalent documentation